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Gastroenterology & Hepatology

The department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology deals with Gall Bladder, Pancreas, digestive diseases and disease concerning Liver. Asclepius Premium Hospitals comprises of a wide range of latest Endoscopic facilities and its related interventions, which is focused to offer 24 * 7 round-theservice to the Gastro Intestinal emergencies like foreign body ingestion, hepatic coma and blood vomiting.

We at Asclepius Premium Hospital aim to bring to our patients with empathetic, compassionate and proper care with the most advanced procedures and techniques. Asclepius Premium Hospital have the best-in class fleet of Medical gastroenterologists in Noida, NCR, Ghaziabad, who offer accurate diagnosis, exclusive care and treatment of problems concerned to medical gastroenterology and hepatology.

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