Conveniently Located Multi-specialty Asclepius Hospital Greater Noida

Conveniently Located Multi-specialty Asclepius Hospital Greater Noida

Asclepius Hospital is a best Multispecialty Hospital located in Haldoni Mod, Greater Noida, have set-ups with 50 – 100 beds, advanced medical facilities, highly trained doctors and a patient-friendly staff dedicated to add a human touch to medicine.

The Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Multispecialty Hospital
As a relatively small hospital located conveniently in your neighborhood, we are easy to access, which is crucial in order to avoid delay in treatment in case of emergencies. Our ‘patient first’ approach ensures that we treat the patient first and then follow-up about deposits and payments. Our specialists, nurses and staff are updated with all the current advancements in medicine and medical technology. While larger medical establishments are generally required for complex and bigger cases where bigger equipment are required for diagnosis, they hardly add any value to everyday cases which most people need treatment for. In fact, smaller hospitals have the advantage of providing the same treatment with one-to-one attention for every patient (both from ward staff and doctors), with a comparatively lower wait time, fewer tests and overall cost. We ensure that we care for every employee, while giving them the opportunity to take on challenging cases.

What Makes Us Different from Large Corporate Hospitals
Larger hospitals focus largely on increasing their revenues to cover their establishment and operational costs? They also depend upon a huge amount of regular publicity and advertising to meet their business targets. In a small hospital like ours, we believe that our quality service is our best publicity. Located close to your home, not only do we offer a quick diagnosis and prompt treatment, we also offer comfortable resting space for in-patients’ relatives. With a friendly attitude and reliable service, we ensure that you don’t have to make more visits to the hospital than necessary.

Address:  Plot No 734 Haldoni Mod, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306, Call Us + 91 8285124443

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